Unable to log into code ally for rel database course

Anyone else having problems logging in today i think that there might be a problem with code ally? I gets stuck at starting the virtual server.

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I am on the second part of the student database lesson other courses will start but this one will not for some reason. The courses have been working perfectly up until today.

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I am having issues loggin in as well. I have tried the logging in using two separate tabs in both Chrome and Edge respectfully, and i just get the hpno wheel of doom. :frowning:

I was 80% done with the section so i just continued to the next section which does start ok. I still havent been able to restart and complete that lesson though.

I still am not able to log in to finish the student database part 2 course still gets stuck at starting the virtual server no matter what i do. Ive logged on and off tried multiple web browsers tried opening a new window and logging on without closing the other window cleared cookies and still am unable to log on. Has anyone had this problem and been able to resolve it? I have nearly finished the next lesson the world cup database and had no problems logging on to that lesson. I would like to finish the other lesson because i am starting to get into parts of the world cup project which i didnt learn yet.

Everything is back to working fine today dont know what was wrong the past couple of days.