Unable to login to my account through email (again)

Perhaps they’re updating the website once more. Not sure if that’s why my logins through email, github or the code sent to me by email are not working. But I’m getting this message at the moment when I login through my email:

''Oops! Something went wrong. Please try again in a moment"

Can someone explain what’s going on here?

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same here, so maybe its an update …

Hey folks can you send an email to support@freecodecamp.org ? I am sure this doesnt have anything to do with website updates. It could be a bug somewhere else.

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Same problem for me. I will try to email them. Hope it works soon.

Any updates from anyone? I use freecodecamp as an alternative to a textbook for my students and this is holding us back. I’ve never had this issue before but now I have and several students have reported it. I’ve send an email to support and have told my students to. Great resources and the interactive exposure to the content is great for my students.

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It works now. Just had to erase my history and try to login again with my email :slight_smile:

Mine works now, too. Consistently…fingers crossed!

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