Unable to make my website live

Hi ,

I have some website ideas whic i want to materialize in full fledged website on web.

I have created them on my machine and are basically related to mean , mern.

But they are just staying in my machine and whenever I try to deploy for public , i fail and then I quit.

This has happened multiple times in past few months.

Please suggest how to overcome this major block.

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You should start by explaining the errors/problems you’re having in regards to your deployment :slight_smile:.

Did you bundle your production code? Is it a single project containing the front and back end? Where are you planning to deploy it?

We may be able to help you.

@skaparate Yes…I did bundled my code and tried deploying on aws.
Front end on S3 router and backend on ec2.
But was not able to make my backend up.
My Node application was in turn communicating with mongo atlas.
I am not sure if this is the correct deployklment approach I am following.

Hmmm, it would be helpful to see some error logs :slight_smile:, did you see any? If you deploy your back end, are you able to communicate with it using curl, Postman or any other similar tool?

We need to make sure it’s working first and that you can communicate with it.

If you’re unable to reach it, then a firewall may be blocking it.

Hello everyone,
This may be a bit elementary, but I can’t get my Wordpress site to go live (I’m mostly blogging). I have Bluehost, installed Wordpress. When I view the site through Wordpress, looks fine. When I go to my URL, still says the site is being made. What do I need to do to make the site go live. Any advice is appreciated https://speedtest.vet/ https://vidmate.bid/.

Also, have you explored Heroku? They have a free tier and their UI is miles ahead of AWS’s. It’s much more beginner friendly.