Unable to pass tests

Hello guys, I’ve been trying to pass all the tests for the “Relational Database (Beta)” course, chapter “Salon Appointment Scheduler”.

The output of the execution is the same as the “examples.txt” file but the tests are not passed.

Below I provide the link to the OG post that I created a couple of months ago.

Click here for the original post with all the details/screenshots/repos.

The problem is with character limit for time column in appointments table. Requirement is that field type should be VARCHAR, but it doesn’t define specific character limit. Tests are using placeholder for the time, that’s longer than time from example.


there’s a column on your sql script that does not comply to what the tests sugests.
Take a look at that colum: cancelled boolean DEFAULT false.

Just like mentioned above the “time column” doesn’t require a character limit.

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Thank you guys! I was able to complete the tutorial with your suggestions.