Unable to pass the challenge create a model

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This is the link to my repl it :“https://boilerplate-mongomongoose.meeramenon07.repl.co
Iam unable to pass this challenge. Please take a look at my repl it file and suggest reason for not pasding the test.Thanks.

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Challenge: Create a Model

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I guess you need to uncomment line 76:

exports.PersonModel = Person;

Your code is correct, I was able to pass the tests, but like @jenovs said, you have to uncomment the code that was originally there. I wouldn’t touch any of the code that was there until the instructions say so :slight_smile:

Also, when posting link to your repl.it, please use the link from your browser :smiley: This one:

Thanks a lot. I will keep that in mind .

ok thanks will try that too