Unable to proceed in Javascript course due to error

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I have completed the exercise from the section of : Check For Mixed Grouping of Characters in Regular Expressions:
However, I cant proceed.I get the message but cant submit answer and move forward to new exercises. Thanks for your help!

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let myString = "Eleanor Roosevelt";
let myRegex = /(Franklin|Eleanor).*Roosevelt/; // Change this line
myRegex.test(myString); // Change this line
// After passing the challenge experiment with myString and see how the grouping works

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Challenge: Check For Mixed Grouping of Characters

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Ya, the instructions for this one aren’t quite as clear as they should be. They want you to save the results of the test in a variable named result. I had to look at the solution to see this.


HI @SarahVici !

As mentioned, you deleted the result variable and that is why it is not passing.
But I am not sure why we need a result variable in the first place here :woman_shrugging:

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Wow, thanks…it worked!

Much thanks, it worked!

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