Unable to progress in Front End Libraries Course

At lesson Create a Component with Composition with React. Get an error message that webpage is slowing browser. Wait option returns same error. Stop freezes page. Went back to beginning of React exercises and reworked, results were the same.

Welcome there,

Would you mind providing more information:

  1. Link to challenge
  2. Code you are using (formatted using Markdown)
  3. The actual error message you are seeing

The more information we have, the more likely someone will be able to help.

Thanks :smiley:

i am unable to input any code in the ide of the lesson

Message: A web page is slowing down your browser? What would you like to do? Options are wait or stop.

Thank you, for that.

Which browser and version are you using? I am unable to reproduce this.

Also, do you have any browser extensions with access to freecodecamp.org? They can affect the whole page including tests, and internal scripts (e.g. React)

currently using Firefox v85. No sign of browser extensions with access to freecodecamp.org

Thank you for the assistance

Last thing I can think of is clearing your browser cache:

  • Head over to the browser options, and search for ‘cache’
  • Clear the cache

Hope this helps