Unable to run a js file in atom with platformio ide terminal

i’m trying to use a terminal with my atom-editor called https://atom.io/packages/platformio-ide-terminal to run my javascript file in the editor but i am not able to run that file i am not getting correct commands for running the file, even i am not able to open the file. My file name is paroad.js but this terminal is going only till file’s folder but ain’t executing the file

You’re not passing the file to something that can run it: as the error message states, that file is not an application (or a powershell function, or a powershell script etc). Your computer doesn’t automatically know what to do with files (this applies regardless of what file type it is, or whether you use the terminal or the windows GUI), you need to use programs that understand what those files are and can run them. In this case, either a browser or the Node runtime – I assume the latter, so you need node paroad.js