Unable to save progress/login

I’ve sent 2 emails to support@freecodecamp.org and gotten no response. I have done everything on the support page to resolve on my own but to no avail. This includes, trying from an incognito window, clearing my cache, hard resetting the freecodecamp.org page, and deleting all my stored info from the site including cookies. I have tried logging in using my email address, logging in using my google account and logging in using my github acct. I tried to link an image of the header i’m seeing but then it won’t let me… it says i’m a new user. WHAT is happening?

suffice it to say, it says: “oops! something went wrong. please try again in a moment.”

I had an account a couple of years ago, but then got a job and had less and less time. Now I am interested in updating some of my skills but I can’t save any progress or see any of my past progress. Is there a way to reset my account or fix it so I can log in to something other than the forums page? I really am motivated to work on some stuff but need help. What’s the best way of getting someone official’s attention for help?

I see that it’s most likely a duplicate account issue. That’s fine. Is there a good estimate on how long it will take support to reply to my email? It’s been 3 days an no acknowledgment that they even received the email.

it’s been six days since i have sent them an email. so far,no response.
Even in this post.
Can't sign in using Chromium?

That’s not encouraging.