Unable to survive in Intermediate Algorithm Scripting

I am on the Intermediate Algorithms and it is taking too much time. I am almost unable to solve it by my own and every time I end up with using the solution provided. It leads to downgrading my confidence. Something that is echoing in my mind is I can never be a good programmer because I am having difficulties with the most important part (Algorithm) of the programming.

I have been teaching yoga for the past eight years. Know what I hear, like, ALL the time?

“No way can I do that! My body doesn’t bend THAT way!!”

To which I can only say, “Your body doesn’t bend that way YET.” It is a matter of use. I assume you have been in another field, perhaps, for some time. Programming is a new discipline for you? You can’t honestly expect to pick it up without some confusion, some questions, some doubt.

You may not be a good programmer YET, but you have the potential. You recognize that there are things that are not YET your strengths. The beginning of wisdom right there. So as you work through lessons, make notes. The things that present confusion for you? Come back and try them again later. Try different approaches. Break stuff, and see what and why and how to fix it. Take more notes. And don’t be afraid to ask questions!

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