Unable to update columns on an SQL database in javascript

I’m currently trying to add an edit option on my posts in my current project, I have created a function where it checks to see if the person is an admin or not and therefore, if they can edit posts, when they are allowed, I want the post to be updated; so far this is my code :

allowEditAdmin(postid, username).then(result => {
            console.log('row check ===', result);
            if (result.length) {
                console.log("you are authorized to edit");
                    `UPDATE post SET post = ${post}, image = ${image} WHERE id = ?`, postid, (err4, results4) => {
                    console.log('admin post row update success ===', results4);
            } else {
                console.log("you are not authorized to edit");

In the console I am getting all the correct information (my variables and “you are authorized to edit”) however, my sql database is not updating with the information I am trying to give it. The table name is post, it contains 4 collumns named “id”, “username”, “post” and “image”. I am just getting in my console: “admin post row update success === undefined” on top of the console.logs of my variables and authorized message.

All help is much appreciated thanks!!

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