Unclear definition of Seal Level Predictor task (in Data Analysis)

In the task definition it is first mentioned " Use matplotlib to create a scatter plot using the Year column as the x-axis and the CSIRO Adjusted Sea Level column as the y-axis." , then apply linear regression and the line of best fit up to 2050 on the whole Year column and the CSIRO Adjusted Sea Level column. This will result in one scatter plot.

In the last part of the task definition it is mentioned " *Plot a new line of best fit just using the data from year 2000 through the most recent year in the dataset. … The x label should be Year, the y label should be Sea Level (inches), and the title should be Rise in Sea Level." This will result in another scatter plot with values filtered by year and another y label.

How many scatter plots is it supposed to return?
Or is the draw_plot function supposed to return the scatter plot from year 2000 only and the y label should be `Sea Level (inches)'?

In the boilerplate code, the last step is “save plot and return data” so I think 1 plot is made in the end: a scatterplot with 2 trendlines.

One trendline from the beginning of the data and extrapolating to 2050 and a second line that only uses the data starting at 2000 and extrapolating that to 2050. Since there is a significant change in trend at 2000 the lines will be different slopes.

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