Uncomment HTML How to uncomment h1,h2,and p comment

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Was I suppose to uncomment my h1, h2, and p element at #1 or at #9? And does ‘Reset Code’ allows me to try again?

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<h1>Hello World</h1>


<p>Hello Paragraph</p>

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You can uncomment by deleting the <!-- sign and - - > sign.
Yes, the Reset Code will allow you to try again.

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I also am stuck in uncommenting I delete the symbols but seems I can not pass the challenge please heelp


I just tried the challenge and it seems to work fine.

What is the exact HTML you are passing to the challenge once you delete the comment tags?

I don’t ķnow I just delete them and click reset test nothing happens

You’ll have to post the code you’re currently working with otherwise we can’t help ya out.

I think everyone is doing a silly mistake and that is understanding the uncomment as something they need to code about writing some thing. You just need to watch the video to get things clear. Rather absolutely clear.