Uncomment HTML.I not understanding how to do "uncommenting of h1 h1 and p"

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I not understanding how to do “uncommenting of h1 h1 and p”

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<h1>Hello World</h1>
<p>Hello Paragraph</p>

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You have the correct code showing above. If it is not passing the tests when click on Run tests, then try refreshing the page and clicking Run tests again. Sometimes, there is a bug which causes correct solutions to not pass, but refreshing typically solves the issue.

I have no idea. I’ll try refreshing. Basically the lesson on uncommment
Is defective, more words are needed to explain it. Do I UNcomment by deleting first and last things? Not explained in the text!

Really. What is uncommenting?

Is it like unamazoning or ungoogle? Joking.