Uncompleted tasks - Markup problem

Hi fellows,
Is it OK if I leave at least one task undone?
Look at my codepen and notice that the nav inside the header element will take me a lot of time to fix because I hadn’t noticed up until now that the nav should have been included inside the header.

In my mark up, the nav is outside the header. If you see the CSS, everything is styled with these two selectors separated. If you add in the markup the nav, it will break everything.

@Roma What’s your thoughts on this? Can I get a pass when i’m done with this one?

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Here is a solution to prevent breakdown of your project but you can use nav inside header.

  1. At first remove header from your html
  2. Then add header for your nav part only
  3. Then move your div#content (div which has id=“content”) below the header
  4. Just rewrite your header related css

Let me know if it works for you.

Thank you.

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I’ll give it a try. Thanks!

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I’ll admit, this made me laugh.


Which part? Wanting to pass this assignment without having completed all the tasks?

If you are going to submit the project it has to pass all tests. That is the point of the user stories, they are the challenge requirements.

It is not up to the forum moderators at all. If the project is manually checked, or some automatic system is ever put in place to check projects, the project should pass all the tests, or it may be disqualified. For now, it’s really just your own responsibility in accordance with the academic honesty policy that you have to agree to. If you know you didn’t pass the requirements, don’t submit it.

My suggestion, always start with the requirements. There is no point working on something only later to find out you have to change a bunch of things because you didn’t account for the requirements.

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That makes sense.

In the real world, I imagine it could be the same thing; or worst.

A developer didn’t pay attention to the user stories, or the product manager wants a complete change in a feature. I certainly learned my lesson.

Thanks for the feedback, @lasjorg

I think I got it. I’m just missing one task. And it really only took me 30 minutes.


Thanks @thetradecoder, @thetradecoder and @Roma


This looks great! Keep up the good work.

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You are doing well, out of the project requirement, I would suggest one more thing, and hope you will be glad to see the result.
add this code to your css at the top

html {
  scroll-behavior: smooth;

Then click on you menu items and see the result.

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Yeahhh… This is great. I imagine what that would do to the navigation. I can’t see it now because my wife is using the computer at the moment.

I’ll let you know when I add it.

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Yes, I thought you were kidding. As lasjorg stated, forum mods have nothing to do with the process of user’s passing all the user stories.

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