Understand Motherboard support

I don’t understand how I can know what motherboard supports what processor.
Can’t I just use any motherboard for any type of THING(CPU, ram, all the things)?
Just like 1 litre of water needs a 1 litre(or bigger, but you get it), container, is there something measurable with which I can know if a motherboard supports, and certain THING(Cpu…ram…)

The motherboard can only have one type of CPU socket, and different families of CPUs have different sockets they fit into.

The same thing is true for PCIe slots for expansion cards, such as GPUs, the slots for the DRAM modules, busses for the HDD, SSD such as SATA, M2, NVMe, and so on.

There are a ton of different options for computer parts, and those options all have different requirements for physical interfaces on the motherboard. If you are looking to purchase replacement parts or build a computer, I would recommend looking at parts compatibility checking website, such as PC Part Picker.

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Don’t they give it in the manual?

Sure, you can read the manual for every part, but it’s easy to make mistakes, which is why I always use a compatibility checking website.

Ok I got it now! Thanks!
And I think this deserves its very own thread but, I think I’ve asked too(two) many questions already.
Is there like a COMPLETE COURSE on all computer parts and what they do, how they’re measured, etc…and where everything goes(this slot , that slot, ssd upgrade, that upgrade, this that, ) and stuff ; basically everything Linus Tech Tips knows (and don’t know another way to express what I want to know)