Understanding Case Sensitivity in Variables lost

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this is so confused. It is telling me to use camelCase but there are three words in the phrase titlecaseover. There is no way to know from the reading is the O is capitalized or the C or both. There is the same problem with studlycapvar. I understand the lesson but the assignment to do it makes no sense to me.

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// Declarations
var studlyCapvar; var studlyCapvar = 10; 
var propercamelCase; var propercamelCase = "A String";
var titlecaseOver;  var titlecaseOver = 9000;

// Assignments
studlyCapvar = 10;
propercamelCase = "A String";
titlecaseOver = 9000; 

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I have to agree. Camelcase is basically instead of using a space between words you make the first letter of the next word in capital. So titlecasover would in my eyes be titleCaseOver.

Why have you declared twice your variables? You don’t need to do that… the assignment are below, so you just have to make sure that he variables when they are declared and when they are assigned are written in the same way

This was a great explanation. Now I understand why and how to do it.

I made the problem more difficult than it should have been. I got it done now.

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