Understanding Case Sensitivity in Variables -stuck

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Help, please I do not see what I’m doing wrong to not pass the test.

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// Declarations
var studlyCapVaR;
var properCamelCase;
var titleCaseOver;

// Assignments
studlyCapVaR = 10;
properCamelCase = "A String";
titleCaseOver = 9000;

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In the objectives of the challenge, it is said that “studlyCapVar” should be defined, however, the the code editor, it’s “studlyCapVaR” that is defined (note the capital R at the end of the variable) Change both “studlyCapVaR” into “studlyCapVar”, it should do the trick.

Hey Rach,
Remember how camelCase works and then try to find out error.
In the challenge it is clearly mentioned about using camelCase.
Hope it helps.

Thank you, no matter how many times I stared at this code ,I didn’t see that the capitol “R” was there. I need to skill up on my editing eyes, lol. Thanks again.