Understanding Case Sensitivity in VariablesThe

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The assessment asked me- Write variable names in JavaScript in camelCase. In camelCase, multi-word variable names have the first word in lowercase and the first letter of each subsequent word is capitalized.

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My code is :
var studlyCapVar;

var properCamelCase=“A String”;

var titleCaseOver;



properCamelCase= “A String camelCase”;

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and it give wrong and said that: properCamelCase is defined and has a value of “A String”
i didnt get what wrong is my code, what shoul i do about refixing?
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Link to the challenge:

what do the tests say?

  It said:  properCamelCase is defined and has a value of "A String"

The challenge is all about changing the variable declarations and assignments to camel case. Do not assign new values to these variables.

Accordingly, this should be fixed:

As should this:

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