Understanding Case Sensitivity Lesson

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I am getting the error Cannot read property ‘length’ of null when I run the tests but this code looks absolutely fine to me…

It looks like it is failing on properCamelCase but I have no clue why…
// running tests

studlyCapVar is defined and has a value of 10
Cannot read property 'length' of null

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// Declarations
var studlyCapvar;
var properCamelCase;
var titleCaseOver;

// Assignments
studlyCapvar = 10;
properCamelCase = "A String";
titleCaseOver = 9000;

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The v isn’t uppercase in your code.

Haha I see but how am I meant to know that ‘capvar’ isn’t one word but two!?

Summoning my powers of thread necromancy…

I’m thinking that challenges based on English morphology might not be immediately obvious to our international learners…

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