Understanding Computer Systems - Low Level Details

Both the books I’ll recommend are a bit on the heavy-side in terms of material and will-power to get through, but if you have some experience with Linux or Networking in say AWS, you will really appreciate them:

Modern Operating Systems - Tannenbaum and Bos
This book covers what an operating system is! It covers CPU, Memory, File System and Disks. It’s very detailed! Honestly, I was clueless about the topic until I read books like this! An interesting skim afterwards is Love’s Linux Kernel Development book!

Internetworking with TCP/IP Volume One - Comer
This book covers what the internet is! It covers TCP/IP, UDP, routers, ISPs, DNS, DHCP, ICMP and how forwarding works. Really tons of information about what the internet is! Currently on page 520/680 pages. Honestly, I’ve learned a lot so far reading this book.

I’m working on a book on compilers that is pretty good, but it still feels a bit counterintuitive to me. Both the above books are used at Harvard Extension schools as textbooks. At least 2-3 years ago!