Understanding CSS Layouts

Hi All,

I am very new to FCC! I have completed the responsive web design certificate so feel I have a basic understanding of HTML & CSS but I am struggling to put it together. I am trying to first understand the design layouts using CSS to create the various grid systems and structure by arranging the HTML elements.

Has anyone got any suggestions on how to improve this and help put it together?

My honest advice is to start using the features that you want to understand better. Make some dumb simple web pages. When something doesn’t come out looking the way you expect, research the specific issue you are having. There’s not a lot that you can learn in the abstract or at the “big picture” level.


When it comes to CSS, trial and error is pretty much the name of the game. It’s an awful language with weird syntax, especially for things like CSS grid (which have no relation to bootstrap-style grids BTW)