Understanding Documentation

I’m fairly new to coding and still don’t understand what is meant by “understand the documentation” or how to find it. I know that each language has it’s own documentation but how do I locate it…and if I’m fairly new, how will I understand it? Can someone shed some light on this for me as Google led me down the rabbit hole.

Hi @shandana !

If you google the language you are interested in followed by the word docs then the first few results will give you what you are looking for.

Here are some examples:

HTML docs

CSS docs

JavaScript docs

React docs

IMO good documentation will provide good explanations and examples to help you learn the language.

There is also a lot of times where they will have an option to contribute to the documentation and offer suggestions on improvement.

For example:

For the popular languages, libraries and frameworks there will be plenty of materials aimed at beginners.

If you are learning any of the following:

Then there are plenty of great materials aimed at beginners.

Here are some to get you started

All of these resources will walk you through what you can find in documentation and break it down in a simple and easy to understand fashion.

Hope that helps!


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