Understanding hint in "Create Strings using Template Literals" task


I will dive right into it. This is the topic: freeCodeCamp Challenge Guide: Create Strings using Template Literals

Hint says:

  • Iterate through each element of arr and add a new element consisting composed of a template literal using arr’s elements to create the array failureItems.

I am not a native speaker so I cannot wrap my head around the sentence. Are both “consisting” and “composed” should be in the sentence or one of them is unnecessary?

Thanks in advance!

Well, I am a native speaker and that is a confusing sentence for me. I think it should be one or the other, either:

… add a new element consisting of a template literal…


… add a new element composed of a template literal…

I think those mean roughly the same thing. I think putting both in was an editing error.

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With speedy service like that, someone’s getting a tip… :wink:

I am trying to solve it using for-of loop but it’s not working .Need help

const result = {
success: [“max-length”, “no-amd”, “prefer-arrow-functions”],
failure: [“no-var”, “var-on-top”, “linebreak”],
skipped: [“no-extra-semi”, “no-dup-keys”]
function makeList(arr) {
// Only change code below this line
const failureItems = ;

for(let i in arr){
failureItems.push(<li class="text-warning">${arr[i]} </li>);
// Only change code above this line

return failureItems;

const failuresList = makeList(result.failure);

"failuresList should be equal to the specified output."

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how do I create separate thread? guide please

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You are using a for...in not for...of they are not the same.

Anyway, you have a space inside the li text content that isn’t supposed to be there.

My query is it’s working in editor but in challenge its showing an error don’t know why and yeah I was talking about for-in that was just typing mistake SORRY for that

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