Understanding? html css

Hi all,

Im going through the tutorials and up to pseudo selectors and the balance sheet.

Is it ok i dont really get half of what im doing or why?

Eg: i get the flexbox kinda, but then its says make it sticky, but i dont see anything change on the website?

should i just keep rolling and by simply doing more and more things will start to click when i get to the challenges?

do additional research when going through curriculum.

for example flex.

go to MDN, see what examples they have for flex-related stuff

then, before submitting solution for some challenge, mess around it. try to change some values, see what it does to webpage

also, just google stuff

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its likely your not going to understand much just from this course at the beginning, I also felt how you do now.
however you should trust the process.

at the start your getting familiar with the text editor, the code style and searching for errors in your code.
another important thing you are learning, is how to ask for help. :smiley:
Those are the FIRST skills you should know.

as time goes on, you should start to understand the layout of a document, and how they are linked.
simply going through the courses will give this to you.
but don’t be afraid to redo a course if you feel you didn’t understand it.

It will be frustrating at first, you will know very little.
try to take it one step at a time,
each new thing will often seem like a hurdle to jump over

look for more information elsewhere,
and ask for help if you have a problem and cannot find the answer through outside sources,
people will attempt to lead you to the right answer by explaining an area you’re having trouble with if they can.

I use www.w3schools.com to help me understand tags, attributes etc.

using search engines can often help push you through a problem.

www.stackoverflow.com will give you answers to more specific problems
(tho its best not to ask questions on there at the beginning)

youtube can also be helpful for explaining how things work
(its best to watch a few vids on the same subject since info can get left out of one vid, and the more you expose yourself the better you will understand )

once you pass your first certification, then I suggest you download or find a text editor…
or you could use notepad
(this is what I used at the start since its very plain and forces you to look for typos)

after your first cert you can begin making small example sites to help you get a sense of things such as how flexbox works, or when to use grid.
creating these small samples are great for referencing later. They also provide you with a little practice and somewhere to make mistakes and find areas you’re not confident in.

It really can be a battle to learn something like this, but trusting the prosses is a huge part. it can take time for things to really click. the more you expose yourself and play around with it, the closer you will get to fully understanding each part.


Hey Guided,

Thanks for taking the time to write such a thorough response.

Appreciate all those little tips and will have a look at that website, its a good little kick along to trust the pathway.


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