Understanding "Record Collection" exercise

Here is the link to the challenge

I always get stuck on these exercises, I think I am going to have to do more studying!!
It seems I struggle to put it altogether!
I had to look at the solution to fully understand how it all fits together.

I find I cant remember a lot of what I ahve been doing before.
There is so much to take in.
I feel like I am not getting anywhere.

I feel I need to do more exercise in this area of ‘Objects’
I can understand and get the single parts right, but when I have something like this I feel lost.

If anybody has any good resources to learning more I would appreciate it.
thx in advance.


I think that you will benefit from teaching others. For instance, find a question on the forum and try to answer it. However hard or easy it is, you will still have done some research and that will help you further understand things.

Another thing to try is read different explanations for the same topic. I started with Java. At first, I struggled to understand the concept of object, but once I read some code in the context of real life sample, not the typical hello world, was when I finally understood it.

For the resources, I would point you to the Free Code Camp youtube channel, which has many videos explaining different concepts:

I hope this helps, and if you’re struggling with anything, I believe the camp is a supportive group which will help wherever we can :slight_smile:,

Regards and Happy Coding!

Hi Im think of getting a book to assist me with this, as to helping others, I cant help myself at the mo, lol.

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I have started to watch the “Javascript for beginners” video tutorial from the beginning :+1:

As I am unable to actually put a complete exercise together.

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