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I’m currently doing the learn HTML by building a cat website and well, I’m currently on step 49 and I have a question. it says " if you select the Indoor radio button and submit the form, the form data for the button is based on its name and value attributes. Since your radio buttons do not have a value attribute, the form data will include indoor-outdoor=on , which is not useful when you have multiple buttons."
Am i supposed to understand why its not useful or what the heck is the form data or will I understand all that stuff as I keep studying? because I feel like I don’t really understand what i’m doing and basically just following orders.

Welcome to the forum @Skilledmango

Here is an article which is an overview on forms

You’re learning some of the web basics at the moment.

It includes:

  • hyper text markup language - html
  • cascading style sheets - css
  • JavaScript - js

The certifications dealing with the server side deal with how data is processed.

So at the moment, you just need to know how to write the code. Don’t worry about it too much for now.

If you do want to learn more, you can search for articles using the search tool at the top right of every forum page.

Or ask questions on the forum, or use your favourite search engine.

From what I gather, when data is submitted via a form, it needs to be coded in a meaningful way for the next phase of processing and storage.

Happy coding

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thank you :face_holding_back_tears:

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