Unexpected Call

Well I had an unexpected call the other day, asking me about my coding background (all of 6 weeks HTML/CSS) and to complete a development task ahead of a potential interview. Task is the overview page of a multiple page site but covers

  1. flex grid
  2. fontawesome
  3. DOM manipulation

oh yes, and needs to be BEM CSS (thats a first for me so doing it all in normal SCSS (another first) then transposing)… The company’s framework of choice is Angular - something I had not even looked at before Thursday!!! but hey, looks good if you try (at least I hope it does) so have plunged in to the world of Angular, Bootstrap4, FontAwesome, Routing (and may be even some dynamic style passing through a component)…

I have to say (not bragging) that actually the use of Angular so far has been straightforward - using the Angular Tutorial (https://angular.io/tutorial) as the base and Google for anything that doesnt get covered there I have all 3 elements above baselined. The need finessed of course but making very good progress.

I am not expecting the call for interview BUT this is a great real-world exercise for me to dig in to and means I can add “Angular” to my CV and continue to develop in it to build my skills…


Exciting! Sounds like you’re making great progress for someone who’s been coding for 6 weeks. Did they ask you to do the project in Angular, or is this supplemental learning?

Framework was my choice but the job advert said they used Angular… thought I might as well have a go

well i submitted 90% of the required solution last week (couldn’t get a couple of small elements to work but was pleased with what I had done considering it was in Angular) and have been invited to interview. They have slightly lowered the starting salary in-line with my lack of development experience so that may be a stumbling block but will have to see - least the interview will be experience even if nothing comes of it (and I am a “full package” guy rather than a “base salary” one)

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well I have had the interview. It went ok and should hear early next week. I would think it is a “no” as they have more experienced developers on the table - but you never know, I have 25 years IT experience to call upon


Like you said, it’s good interview experience. Well done :+1:

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