Unexpected 'void'

I hope someone can help with this.

How is this jslint warning resolved/fixed?


How do I fix this issue in the code so that that error warning does not come up in jslint?

That is all I am trying to figure out how to do.

Resolve the jslint warning issue.

Clicking on the Home button restarts the animation.

Code: https://jsfiddle.net/qg1n3pad/

 function showHome() {
    const theActive = document.querySelector(".with-curtain.active");
    const theHides = document.querySelectorAll(".hide");
    const theBody = document.querySelector("body");
    theHides.forEach(function (removeHide) {

    void theBody.offsetWidth; //restart animation

What is the void doing there? That looks like a property, the offsetWidth. Did you mean to assign that some value?

Clicking on the Home button restarts the animation.

void theBody.offsetWidth; //forces DOM refresh

How do I restart a css animation without using void theBody.offsetWidth;?

Is that something that can be done?

Referencing that property causes a DOM refresh? What?

Granted, I’m mostly mobile now so I don’t deal much with DOMs, but that sounds nuts to me. Where are you getting this information? To the best of my knowledge, that is just a property, not some method that you are invoking.

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