Unintended Background Overflow

Is the link to my project. I have changed the width % of my body element, played around with the width % of my div elements and I can not seem to find were the overflow is from and how to address it. If anyone can take a look and give me a few pointers or direct me down the right path to understand what is happening with this page and the layout. note: my form is not complete as it ended up lagging the compiler, until my end goal is accomplished I will not be completing my submission form. Thank you for helpful insights!!

I don’t see any overflow issues. But if you need to remove them you can always make sure the width is no more than the viewport and then add

html {
overflow-x: hidden;

to your CSS.

As for other advice, try resizing your window to see how it looks on different screens. It messes it up a bit.

Check out these for help with that:

Good luck!

I too have sometimes this issues, making overflow hidden will create other issues…
The overflow appears when you have some element on the page which exceeds the width of the viewport.
Take each component of your page and see who is causing that overflow then try to correct it.
Usually it’s either a fixed width or a box-sizing not set to border-box