Unique Survey Form feedback

Please take a look at my survey form, https://codepen.io/sroma/full/gNXVaJ, and let me know your thoughts.
I realize there can be some additional styling on each of the <fieldset> elements but I think the MVP has been met and that particular styling can be done at another time. Overall though, how’d I do?

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Hey looks pretty good! I like the design. I would

give input boxes some spaces vertically, they look somewhat crammed.
stick labels and dropdowns inputs together by each other. It feels they are separated and could be closer together.
align your checkboxes horizontally last section. There are also texts spilling out like “LED” and “FLAGS”.

Cheers :slight_smile:

Hey all,

I made some changes to my survey form so that the items in the fieldset stack and are easier to read. This looks good in Chrome on my MacBook Pro. However, in Firefox on my Mac it doesn’t look the same. Not horrible but difficult. But then in Safari on my Mac not only does the fieldset look bad but the dropdowns in the next section align…well, they don’t.

I tried using a CSS Autoprefixer to try and fix things but, to no avail.

How have others (meaning you) been handling this?

One more time. I redesigned the input boxes and aligned the labels and dropdowns.

What do you think?

Looks really good now, good job :tada:

Thanks @shimphillip I appreciate it.

Looks good bro. Straight to the point.