Unity Multiplayer Card Game with Photon

Hello guys
I am new in this community. I need some code example in unity.
I need the basic code example how I can develop a multiplayer card-game in unity with photon. I have searched many sites and blogs but there is not enough info on the web still now. Please give me a proper guideline how I can continue my project.
Thanks in advance.

Have you Googled the phrase “unity multiplayer card game”? I get a lot of results. What have you tried so far? What code do you have?

yes I have, the results that coming after I google “unity multiplayer card game” is not very helpful for me. Basically the outputs/ projects which is showing as a result are build with other plugins (like: UNet, Mirror, Socketweaver etc) but I need it with photon (pun 2).

You missed these two questions :slight_smile:

I have done the following:

  1. I have created a single player poker game(black-jack) in Unity.
  2. My game logic allow me to play against PC.
  3. Now I need convert it to multiplayer game with photon (pun 2)
  4. I know the basic of photon pun 2 (like creating Lobby, Creating Room) but this is not helping me to complete my desire.

This will be waaay easier if you have your code posted somewhere.

I’m juggling a lot at work at the moment and don’t know when I’ll be able to comment in depth. Your best bet might be to look at the PUN1 multi-player card game demo and look at the PUN2 change guide.

Ok , I will post it soon and let yo know. And also thanks for your guideline, I wonder if I have some relevant example code regarding this.

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