University application

Hello People out there!
I have a decision to make and looking for some hints.
I can apply myself for one of the three following courses :
-software engineering
-data science
-python and SQL

I have the main pros and contras collected to help to describe the vectors of the priorities:

  • SE
    pro: quick skillset perfecting by being a part of expert team as a newbie, most universal education with many opportunities for specialization after, but now the thing is about the exact course
    I even read some opinions which told even more worthy knowledge at automation as Python and SQL specialization itself, I can’t tell if it is true or not
    contra: as far as my experiences shows (know and knew a few pro) and blogs tells, if I don’t want to stuck after school for forever in the “worker ant” status (even if I find coding is a very interesting thing, I can imagine after a while the most have a wish for promotion) , the way up leads more into HR management direction and it is very much not the way I can imagine myself to follow it
  • DS
    pro: I find the field being very interesting, I can imagine it could keep my interest and I would love my job a lot
    contra: as far I could read about, slots occupied in big corporations, not much chance without experience catch a position at such place and small companies hire very few data scientist, in most case only one, so evolving in profession goes trough autodidact ways, which is obviously way slower and heavier as learn from experts in a team, also not much possibility in the newbie age ask expert opinion about the work which done
    Of course in a few years it could change, if someone have about actual knowledge to assure me I don’t need to worry about the thing, it would make the decision easier.
  • Python ans SQL:
    pro: probably a comfortable work after all?
    contra: is that comfortable work being even monotone too? if I can avoid and my situation right now give me this luxury, I would avoid having a monotone job in the future. I could imagine having interest at the research field, but afraid most of the jobs more about industrial operational fields

So if anyone with experience could leave me a few advices about the things it would be great, but already thanks to You all who got this far with a reading!
Have a great day all of You!

If it is a single course, why not do all three?

It is official trough job office since an accident I’m unable to do the work I did before. They will pay one. Ofc I know practice I need to learn on my own mostly, it’s required for the future, but we living in a world, where such things as University certification help to break through the first closed doors. I need to pick one.

One data science class will not make you into a data scientist.

I would focus on foundational skills, like software engineering, if you don’t have much formal background in software.

Sure thing. Data Science, machine learning, and AI are all super trendy right now, but they all boil down to applied statistics with computing, so without strong mathematical and statistical knowledge and skills, it’s hard to do well in those jobs and mistakes can be costly.

Before I got the greenlight I had to make some competence tests trough psychology, based mostly on the skillset you talking about. I love statistics. Truly. So those skills need a training for sure, but the fields recommended by someone whos profession is to tell capabilities of the applied

I generally recommend against a job in applied statistics unless you have a relevant degree, at least at the bachelor’s level.

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