University of the People

Hi guys,

Anyone have any ideas about the University of the People?

yeah i have. i think university is an important part of each life. but it’s not he most important one. if you want to chose it, so it can change your life. there are many experiences that you can have it just in university. many oppotunities are waiting for people, just in university. and i have an opinion that university can opens your mind. seeing many people in so many different cultures can make a person who doesn’t say that i’m the best; doesn’t say my opinion is the most correct and a person who can love a lot of humans with different beliefs.
that was my humanity view about university and as another idea, i can say that if you chose a right major, you will find an ideal job that cans help humans and society. it can open your way to succes. and i emphasize again that graduate in an university is not the only way to being a good person. and it won’t make a consciousness person of every people. university can upgrade and be helpfull just “if you want”
that was my whole ideas about this topic.

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I don’t think he was asking about university in general. I think he was asking about a particular institution – The University of the People

Very good insight. Wrong topic lol.

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I tried to apply there once. I think Nas Daily sold the University really well (maybe he did them an ad or it was part of the 1000 day journey I’m not sure).

I couldn’t get past the application fee since PayPal is not accepted in my country nor any method of sending foreign currency to foreign countries without the bank’s approval. So I’m stuck on the application fee. But overall i think it is a good site. 4 years of online learning tho… I’m not sure.

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