Unlimited: Product Landing Page


I came back to FCC after a long time hiatus, I have finished half of the ‘Responsive Design certification’ the last time I took it, now I only need to do the last two projects to finish it all. :slight_smile:

Between last time and now, I actually took a job that required what I have learned here, which was an awesome addition to my web design background.

Anyways, here’s the project, I have hosted it on my personal server so I wouldn’t bother with linking to images hosted somewhere else (It just hit me that I could’ve hosted just the images hehe).

Full Project: http://redalazri.com/fcc/landing/index.html
Code on CodePen: https://codepen.io/0rAX0/pen/QzgKLB
Sketch file for the design in case anyone wants to practice on it: https://www.dropbox.com/s/2hzinq0nh60w8yc/FCC%20product%20mockup.sketch?dl=0 (CC-Share-alike-non-commercial)

I know that I could’ve made it a lot more appealing by adding a touch of animation, some tricks, and small screen fixes, but the two goals where to finish it, and to practice CSS Grid and Flexbox which were new to me.

Thank you and good luck to everyone.