Unlogical cases

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my solution works fine with other cases but
there’s 2 cases in wich one supose func(n)=>return n>2
where it shows it supposed to return [3,9,2]
and the other case: func(n)=>return n===0
where it should return [1,0,1]
which is unlogical and the solutions ive seen on freecodecamp doesnt adresse these 2 cases!
is there somthing i dont get here or is there a probleme with the challenge??

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return arr.filter(n=>func(n))

console.log(dropElements([0,1,0,1], function(n) {return n ===1 }));

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Challenge: Drop it

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you may have missed this part of the description:

Then return the rest of the array once the condition is satisfied

once an element is found for which the function return true, then the part of the array starting from that element and till the end should be returned

ooh thank you! now i get it.