Unruly - a comprehensive workforce scheduling app! MEAN stack with TypeScript!

Hey again everyone! I hope you are all safe and doing well at these troubling times. It’s been a while since I shared my accomplishments with you. Here is the recent project I’ve made. It’s the toughest one yet for me. Certain features intentionally unfinished.

You can log in with any of these employee emails and the password: password. Or create an account for scheduler.

I’m doing some final revisions for my portfolio and resume and then I’m ready to start applying. Please wish me some luck! Thank you to anyone that take the time to view my post and web app!


Paging @bradtaniguchi please roast my app. Thank you!

Sounds like another cool app, I’ll have to check it out when I get a chance! Thanks :smiley:

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Thanks Brad! I’m already working on fixing all the Baristabook issues you brought up. They were needed. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

At a glance this app is very well done! and very professional. I’m not sure what all the different time tags mean, but the app seemed pretty in order.

I couldn’t get to the “scheduler” portion of the app, but the “employee” section seemed to function pretty good and offer a lot of features.

I’d say a lot of developers just starting out wouldn’t be able to build something like that, heck I don’t think I could without some help with the design and functionality haha.

Great work, definitely talk about this app if you do get any interviews :smiley:


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Thanks so much Brad! That is high praise! You don’t know how much your words mean to me! I very much look up to you. :smile:

I must admit, I’ve been neglecting creating a guide for proper use of the apps I make. Putting that on my to-dos. :sweat_smile: But in a jist… The scheduler can create or edit a schedule 2 weeks ahead (anything before can’t be touched) and use auto populate functions to fill it quicker but it must be done with full-timers being populated first (they already have a set weekly schedule) then the steady extras (they fill the gaps.) The logic for this took me the longest to make (3 full days!) You can also create or edit it each scheduled before or afterward if needed. Shifts are basically the templates. Scheduleds - shifts that are tied to employees - are the driving force of the app.

The functionality could still use a lot more updates but I didn’t want to make it perfect since I suppose, some people could copy it and possibly use it for their own gain. :sweat_smile: For example, an employee shouldn’t be able to work less than 8 hours of their next scheduled (that’s considered overtime irl) but the only validation I have for that so far is for individual creation of a scheduled.

Thank you again Brad! :heart_eyes: I will definitely talk about this first. It took me the longest to create.

The unruly project is under MIT which is super weak, so yea anyone can take your code built it out, build it better and use it for their own gain without even mentioning you so I understand. There are already a number of existing products out there for this sort of stuff (timesheet and schedule trackers have been around since the start of “work” haha)

So I wouldn’t worry too much about it, unless you plan on building it out and actually charging for it or trying to make money off of it in the future. Doing such would require a lot of time and focus so it might or might not be worth it, as I said earlier there are already a lot of existing competitors so it isn’t a totally wide open market.

Regardless, good work, keep it up, and keep applying!

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Much thanks as always Brad. Your kind words give me confidence to achieve my goals! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: