Unseen property about object

anyone ever wonder why web dev is on demand?

My question is why it outputs [Function: Agent] super_:
and how to mimic that behavior

open up node and type require(‘http’).Agent

{ [Function: Agent]
{ [Function: EventEmitter]
EventEmitter: [Circular],
usingDomains: true,
defaultMaxListeners: [Getter/Setter],
init: [Function],
listenerCount: [Function] },
defaultMaxSockets: Infinity }

NOTE from what it seems the key is a function. I’ve never seen anything liek that before.

{ myKey : function key() {} }
//this will output what is typed below
{ myKey: [Function: key] }

SIMILAR but not exactly the same

so why is there a function and then super_. I would liek to know. I was hoping i could study some JavaScript here on fcc and not be let down when i try to understand a module’s source object…