Unsure about resume

I’ve been applying for jobs for about 6 months now with a few engagements here and there. I’ve followed the advice of many and tweaked my resume accordingly, however I’m still unsure about how to list my skills. Should I just list them in a column like they are now, or describe each one? https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B7l2qMHG0Iz4b3RJZFdic1k5NFk
I also welcome any constructive criticism should there be something that needs improving.

Thanks in advance!

Hi Chival,
Overall, I like the format a lot, nice and clean.

I always find that I am looking for actual details on a resume.
For example, your 1st line after Ticketyum says, ‘An early stage startup focused on location based event searching.’ I would add some details such as, ‘Working with only four programmers in this busy (6 day per week) startup only 3 months old, I was able to implement a location search algorithm that speeded searches by 20%.’ Describe the company, if you can. Tell the reader what the environment was like. e.g. ‘Working six days a week was common in this high stress yet exciting company of 3 programmers.’

Instead of ‘Proposed ideas for features with team’… Always be truthful, NEVER lie, ‘Contributed (What?) creatively to the design of the website by adding bullets and round search box.’ So ask yourself, what ideas did they actually use? What ideas did I work on that made a difference, What were MY ideas…
In general, Put some meat on them bones. :))
Just my 2 cents.
Best of Luck,

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Thanks for your in depth reply! Yeah I should probably specify exactly which features I added to the site. I kept thinking in my mind, “achievements”, and the hardest part was trying to quantify them and describe them. For example, I had designed and implemented the landing page, but initially I hadn’t thought of it as an achievement. Now, I’m definitely thinking I should put it on there.
Thanks again!

One of the resources shared in #codeNewbie’s #mentorMonday chat today was this resume advice (shared by an actual tech recruiter):

Hope it helps :slight_smile:

Thanks! This is really useful.