Unsure how certification works


I am new to FCC and have been trying to figure out how the whole certification process works. I have looked around but cannot seem to find an answer to my question so I thought I would ask here hoping for a response.

So, my question/s. I have completed the first exercise, i.e. the tribute page, do I simply provide a codepen link and that is it? Is the site graded by someone and passed? If so, how do I find out?

I have loaded up the page into github as well, can I provide that as a link for certification?

Your help would be appreciated.


Using codepen is recommended for beginners (for ease of use), but you can use any hosting you like, as long as you can both view the site and the code. So a github pages link is fine as well.

Your site is not graded. I believe there are some automatic checks for obvious copy-pasting of someone else’s code. When claiming your certificate you have to “confirm” the following:

By clicking below, you pledge that all of your submitted code A) is code you or your pair personally wrote, or B) comes from open source libraries like jQuery, or C) has been clearly attributed to its original authors. You also give us permission to audit your challenge solutions and revoke your certificate if we discover evidence of plagiarism.

It is up to you to be honest about it.

Thanks BenGitter, your reply cleared it up for me.