Unsure how to complete the courses?

Just started Responsive Web Design section and have completed 20 of the 28 courses, however when I click back to the list of courses under RWD it states I have not completed any?? Where do you click to evaluate or submit each course once done ?

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I am not too sure I follow the behaviour you are experiencing. So, any extra detail would be appreciated.

Otherwise, this is what is expected:

  • First, note that only the 5 projects at the end of each SuperBlock (“section”) are required for the certificate
  • A challenge/project is marked as complete only once you click the Submit and continue… button on the CompletionModal (thing that pops up, if you pass the tests)
  • Provided you are logged in, the challenges/projects are marked as completed with a visual tick, once they are submitted.

Hope this helps some.

Thank you for getting back to me.

The area I am having difficulty with is in regard to your second point of your reply “Only once you click Submit and continue…button on the CompletionModal” I cant see where this button is ? Is it the Run Tests button under the Instructions section on the left ?

Once again thank you I really appreciate your help

when you run the tests and the tests pass a pop-up appear with a congratulatory message, and there you can see the “Submit and continue to next challenge” button

Thank you for your response, yes I have done that but there is no pop up message that comes up. I will log in a bit later and try again.

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it seems as if you are not satisfying the tests

If you have a question about a specific challenge as it relates to your written code for that challenge, just click the Ask for Help button located on the challenge. It will create a new topic with all code you have written and include a link to the challenge also. You will still be able to ask any questions in the post before submitting it to the forum.

Thank you.

Yes perhaps that is the case. Thank you so much I will do that when I log in again.

Kind regards

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