Unsure whether to pursue a degree- help!

Hi all,
I’m new to this industry and want to pursue something within either Software Development and/or Cybersecurity… however, with so many resources, courses and professional qualifications out there, I’ve been really having mixed feelings about whether pursuing a degree in either subject is actually worth it?
From my research, I understand that there is no need to get one however, it’d be nice as it opens up more doors for you… but is that really a decisive factor? Are those years at uni worth it? Is the debt worth it?

Could anyone help me as I honestly have no idea :confused:

P.S: I don’t mean to de-value or disregard a degree or anyone with one, I just want to know whether I should do it and why, what are the added benefits other than the possibility of having more opportunities in the future?

Thank you all in advance!!!

There have been a few good conversations about this on the forum, so I do recommend using the search to check them out. The tldr of my opinion is that if university is a viable option for you (cost, time, lifestyle,etc) then I do recommend it.