Unsure why tests fail on Tech Doc Page project

Codepen URL for my project: https://codepen.io/deadparadise/pen/YzyYZrz

  • Haven’t added much CSS yes as I wanted to make sure I build the site correctly first.

After building and making sure that I’ve fulfilled all user stories for the * Technical Documentation Page* project, I was able to pass all tests except for test #4 and #12, both of which are checking the inner header text from my main-section elements. I’ve double and trip checked them, made sure that they didn’t have any typos (although I am kinda blind sometimes), but they still failed.

I ended up checking the code written for them on the provided example and they look identical to me. Yet, if I copy over the whole thing and paste it into my own codepen, the test do pass. I’m unsure if I’m doing something wrong here or if I somehow came across a bug. Would appreciate any help regarding this.

Thanks in advance!

Fix your closing tag on this line, and you pass all tests.

Hi! Have you tried passing the test on fcc web? I was only able to reproduce the error on the codepen test tool.

Your code seems fine to me!

Ugh, it was a typo! Just this time it was on an element that I wasn’t looking through. Thank you so much!

Glad I could help! Now take a moment to celebrate your success!

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