Unsureness of mastery of python

I think I have learnt Python a bunch of times (first a book, then a freecodecamp course on youtube and third a 12 hour tutorial from Bro Code’s youtube channel). Even then I simply can’t do some projects I have given myself. Is there a way to tell if I have mastered the language?

It sounds like you have been stuck in tutorial purgatory and have been learning the basics but not coding enough on your own yet.

Well, there could be two issues.

You are trying to tackle to ambitious of a project without properly breaking it down into smaller achievable pieces.

You are watching to many videos and courses without building enough projects on your own.

My guess is that you might be in category 2.
Don’t worry we have all been there included myself when I was learning how to code.

When you are watching youtube videos and reading books you get the basic understanding of what is going on.

But the real learning comes when you need to build something.
Reason being is because you will learn how to debug your code, read through documentation, try and fail a bunch of times, and reach out to ask questions.

While you building projects on your own, it is not always fun to be stuck and not sure how to solve the problem.
But when you do persevere through it and resolve you learn so much in the end and grow a lot more as developer. That is something that you won’t get with videos.

I would suggest starting with building smaller projects on your own first and work your way up to more complex projects.

The only way to truly master anything is through continual practice and experience .
If you like big names in the industry like Kent Dodds or Angie Jones you will wonder how they go to be so good in their respective areas.

But that only comes from years of practice and perseverance and working as a developer.
If you put in the time and practice too where you have a really strong command and deep understanding of the language .

Hope that helps


Thank you very much! Also should I use an IDE to practice or use AstroNvim?

If you have to ask if you’ve mastered something, then you have not mastered it.

I would recommend building some applications in Python with the IDE of your choice. It can be basic stuff but what matters is making real projects.

If you just want to be more familiar with the language in a problem-solving kind of way, I recommend doing Python on Leetcode. Good luck!

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You can practice with what you feel comfortable with.
When I was playing around with Python, I liked using pycharm

Thank you everybody.

Maybe first try to complete a more simpler project until you feel ready for the tough ones. That’s what I did and I found that it has helped me a lot.
completing those little python exercises might also help you gain some experience as you run into bugs and figure out how to solve them:

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