Upcoming Technologies

I am currently doing a coding bootcamp however, I want to stand out to employers at the end of it. I have recently created a discord bot with a few commands that it replies to, I was just wondering if theres anything thats quite ‘big’ or ‘upcoming’ in the coding world that I could read up on and maybe implement myself so I can put it on my Github…?

There’s always A Big Thing going around today, and it’s obsolete when the Next Big Thing comes around. That’s just how the industry works. Let’s see what I can think of off the top of my head:

  • PWA’s are pretty big. They’re completely taking over ChromeOS apps, and they’ll probably displace a lot of other ecosystems too.

  • Static types are invading: you can see it in the rise of TypeScript as well as where languages like PHP are going with their type system.

  • Functional programming is already mainstream with the likes of Redux and RxJS. Typed functional programming, using Functors, Monads, etc is making its way in too. TypeScript is probably the one to watch there, since it’s been nicking features from F# for a while now.

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