Update: Beta site and related apps will be offline for a few days

Hey everyone!

The beta/staging site on www.frecodecamp.rocks and the related test/staging applications on the beta infrastructure will be offline for a few days starting 2019-05-14T18:00:00Z.

The affected applications are:

  • platform & api (*.frecodecamp.rocks)
  • news (www.frecodecamp.rocks/news)
  • forum (www.frecodecamp.rocks/forum)
  • learn (www.frecodecamp.rocks/learn)
  • guide (www.frecodecamp.rocks/guide)

Whats happening:

We are moving around all of our production and beta/staging resources, including all of our Virtual Machines, Database clusters, Virtual Networks, Firewalls, and other related resources.

This is a usual planned rotation that we have to do usually once a year.


All production (.freecodecamp.org) applications including, learn, news, forum, and your user settings / profile pages will work normally and are not affected other than a typical small downtime, by this migration.
They might face a relatively small downtime of 15~30 minutes that will be announced on twitter and our community forum.

We can’t give you the exact timeline when the beta instances will be back up, because we will be dedicatedly monitoring our production applications.

That said, the beta applications will come online as soon as we can make sure that production apps are behaving well.

Thanks for your patience during these migrations.

As always hit us up here or in the Contributors Chat room for any queries.

Happy contributing!

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