Update on 2016 Curriculum Expansion

As you may have heard, we are adding hundreds of new (optional) coding challenges to our curriculum.

Since Free Code Camp is a volunteer-driven organization, it is difficult to predict exactly when these coding challenges will be ready. What I can tell you is we are about 2/3rds done designing and testing them.

Thank you for your patience with this massive endeavor. We will push these new challenges into production once they’re ready.

Here’s a full report on our progress.


Thanks for the Hard work Quincy. Waiting for the update. :slight_smile: I still have so much to learn by then.

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Is there any way we can help? Are the issues for this project in the github main page?


I am thankful for al the work the FCC team is doing… There is more than enough right now for beginners like me to work on… I look forward to the upcoming changes…

Yikes! That’s awesome! as Gregory mentioned if there is any way we can help tell us!

if you want to help, go to the github repo here

Towards the bottom of the page is a contributing section. There is a link there to how to get started.


Thanks for giving us a resource to link to when this question comes up. Endless thanks to all FCC contributors for making this all possible!

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Yes - we have been doing all the challenge design right in GitHub issues:

As I mentioned in my full report, we mainly need help finishing up:


@QuincyLarson First of all, I’m really appreciative of everything you and all of the other volunteers have done with Free Code Camp, and I’ve learned quite a lot over the two or so months I’ve done this. Secondly, may I ask… can we get an updated projection on when the new update will roll out? Sorry to be so impatient, but I’ve been really anxious for it for a while now.

Hi @QuincyLarson Quincy,

I just heard that angular was part of this course and was removed , I feel like angular is as important as react so is it temporarily removed for may be its enhancement to angular2 or permanently deleted from the course if yes then i would request you to add it back may be as optional course at least…

Also for backend there is only one language i.e. nodejs it would be good if we had options to choose which backend language we want to go for just suggestions i know development for these takes time but still wanted to know if there are any plans to implement these.


Yes - you can go ahead and use Angular - or any technology for that matter. I’ve created an issue for this: https://github.com/FreeCodeCamp/FreeCodeCamp/issues/11513

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Is challengomatic still a way to contribute? How are people building the challenges, tests, seeds and answers,just with markup language?

Well, looks I am a little late to the party, but when would it be out ?

The new curriculum is now in beta testing. If you’re interested in being a beta tester (or just seeing what is coming) check it out:

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