Update to Bootstrap 5 (or at least 4)

I rewrote the Bootstrap tutorial (which is currently 3) so it works with Boostrap 5 and I would like to share it with you guys can update it when you get the chance.

img-responsive → img-fluid
.btn-default → btn-primary
.btn-block (dropped) is now either w-100 for 100% width or make button part of a grid.
.well (dropped) and are now .card.
and few more updates I noticed in your short Boostrap Tutorial.

Let me know how can I share it with your guys…
Thanks again for the wonderful learning platform!!

The freecodecamp team is working on a big overhaul of the curriculum, you can check last official update here:

you can explore the projects being built here:

you can contribute there, if you want to help build the new curriculum

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