Updated my portfolio, appreciate any feedback and advice

Hi, hope everyone is doing well. I’ve been looking for a job for the past 6 months or so, and recently updated my portfolio:


I would appreciate any feedback and advice on the portfolio, my projects, or anything else that could help me in my search for a job.


Horizontal scrollbar!!!

I’d remove tic-tac-toe and simon. Tic-tac-toe doesn’t even have a rudimentary AI :unamused:

Take off, Femme and Dashboard seem a bit too basic for a portfolio. And carousel in Femme is buggy.

I looked at the code of Movie DB and honestly I’m a bit confused. Because from your linkedIn looks like you’ve had some professional experience, but your code lacks formatting and looks like you aren’t using a linter (I got 129 problems (124 errors, 5 warnings) after running eslint with airbnb config on your code) :man_shrugging:

Your portfolio/github and linkedIn tell different stories.

You are not using responsive nav-bar .

Tip : it becomes a hamburger menu when shrinks screen.

i like the colors ! but i want to see your portfolio have any links?

It looks good and simple but I think maybe to add a bit more animations to show that you have skills in this area also:
Scroll effects, hover effects etc