Updated My Portfolio -- Feedback Appreciated

Hi all
Can some of you take a look at my portfolio and see if there are any things I should improve on?

Thanks a bunch!

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Looks good design wise!

You do have some typos on your work examples though. Your Conway’s Game of Life is spelled as “Conway’” at the moment. I would also recommend changing your use of “user” to either “the user” or “users” in your work descriptions.

Hi Kenzo
If I can produce something half as good as that at the end of the course, I will be very happy. It looks great and your work looks solid too.

However, there is always room for improvement!

The first thing you see on the page is a pretty empty “Welcome to my portfolio” and you then need to scroll down to the good stuff. You could do away with this bit in my opinion.

I took a look at your resume and it doesn’t mention Free Code Camp. I presume you will update it soon?

I also looked at your Linked.in profile. I watched a social media marketing video recently and it suggests you should put more in the Summary section. Also, you have not listed your FCC skills in the skills section.

PS. You are a great Flamenco player! :smiley:

Noted! I will update it

Yeah I thought about thi. Should I just take this out entirely?

As for the Linkedin and my resume, it’s severely outdated…planning to update very soon :slight_smile:

I hope towards the end of this course I can manage something that looks as clean.

I have to say though your logo kinda reminds me of Kodi :smiley:

GAHH! They stole it from me! Time to make another logo…:confounded:

I think it looks really good!

I think in the About section there should be a space between FreeCodeCamp and Udemy (currently it looks like: FreeCodeCamp,Udemy), and ‘like myself on various topics such as projects, algorithm, data-structure’, could perhaps see the last two topics become plural with an ‘and’ added, so: ‘like myself on various topics such as projects, algorithms, and data-structures’.

But overall looks great, I really like the animated intro when the page loads!

I really think you don’t need it. It’s not very “wow!” and the about section is what people want to see. You have the social media links in several other places so that’s why I think you should do away with it.

This is what mine looks like but I am constantly re-visiting it to improve it.

Note. Another thing the marketing yourself video I watched said was don’t wear sunglasses in your profile photo.
I think your Twitter and Linked.in photos are better.

Really nice & clean design!

Only thing that caught my attention was:
That underline after skills section is not consistent (only one section has it).

Noted! Thanks for checking it out!

Awesome, thanks for the input!

Yes I’ve been planning to change the profile picture. I agree about the sunglasses. Should I go for more a casual picture, or a professional picture?

I think the reason why I had the ‘hello world’ intro is because most portfolio I’ve seen here has some Hero Image Intro. I’ll replace it something more informative than just ‘hello world’

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I think something that reflects your personality is best.